Monday, September 11, 2006

Small carnival

Perhaps my fellow KGBers are resting on the hard-won laurels of the last two Carnivals and became so comfortable that they, um, dozed off. Perhaps good old Blog Meridian has become too stale a host site for the Carnival (if that happens to be the case, I hope someone will say so). Perhaps we're in a bit of a funk because we've been in a state of collective remembrance of an awful, awful day (and, at least in my case, the current adminstration's decision to yet again politicize it just in time for mid-term elections and blatantly argue even to members of its own party that it not be confused with facts).

Whatever the case, we have a grand total of one submission for this week's edition of the Kansas Guild of Bloggers' Carnival. To which I can only say, no offense at all intended to this week's contributor, that the Carnival is healthier the more submissions it has. So, you would-be contributors, you know what to do. If I receive your contribution within the next couple of days, I'll add it to this post.

Faithful contributor Kevin, a.k.a. The Prince of Thrift of Becoming and Staying Debt Free explains, by way of response to an e-mail from a reader, why Credit Is Not Your Friend.

I look forward to hearing from those of you moved by the spirit of community with your fellow KGBers to, you know, submit something.

One last thing: I have been hosting the Carnival since July 10--which, I hasten to add, I've been happy to do. During that time, a couple of you have vaguely offered to host at some time in the future, which is fine as well. All this is by way of saying that I hope no one who would like to host the Carnival has the idea that I have some sort of proprietary claim on it. I don't, and I suspect as well that, in addition to the Carnival's being healthier the more submissions it has, it might benefit from moving about from site to site. And of course, those of us interested in increasing traffic would benefit as well. At the same time, though, it's not my place to choose hosts. You must feel the call. So: I invite those of you interested in hosting to e-mail me (my address is over there in the right-hand gutter) and let me know when. We'll get you set up.

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Joel said...

Hi John:

Sorry about no contributions. I didn't have anything last week I felt was worthy of the carnival.

You are a wonderful host, truly.


Josh Rosenau said...

I'm sure I submitted something. Odd. Maybe is acting up?

John B. said...

The last post I received from you was submitted last Sunday and appeared in last week's Carnival.

Something similar happened a couple of weeks ago to one of Kevin's submissions, so perhaps there is a glitch in the submission system.

Obviously, if you have something you'd like to send in . . .

Paul Decelles said...

You might need to actually put deadlines in the carnival site so that it "knows" the carnival is still active!