Wednesday, October 11, 2006


You've probably already seen this, especially if you've watched anything on Fox recently. But I don't care: it's a great exchange:

Teenaged guy: I'd die for her!
House: Dude! She's in a coma! Who're you trying to impress?

I'm in the midst of the mid-semester grading period these days; then this weekend I'll be heading up to Topeka to spend some time with Mrs. Meridian (read: watch her read law). All that's a long way of saying that I won't be "here" for a few days. So, in keeping with this post's theme, I'll also remind you now to submit a post for this Monday's edition of the KGB Carnival, to be hosted by Josh over at Thoughts from Kansas.

I'll see you on Monday, most likely. Thanks as always for visiting and reading.

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Winston said...

Safe trip...