Thursday, October 05, 2006

Intellectual high?

Busy times here in MeridianLand . . .

But not so busy that I can pass up sending along this admittedly anecdotal glimpse into the current status of lecture-hall-style education in our nation's universities.

It'll make more sense, of course, after you Read the Whole Thing, but the below passage, which quotes U of Florida's Vice President of Human Resources, Kyle Cavanaugh, gets my vote for Administrative Understatement of the Year:

Cavanaugh said that the lecture in question has been removed from the campus’s Web site and is no longer available.

“It wasn’t addressing the instructional components,” he said of the video.

In the interest of good research principles, I provide you with a link to clips from the video in question here, though the snippets are so short that, in and of themselves, they have the appearance of outtakes from, rather than the, ahem, high points of, the lecture.

Well: back to Addressing Instructional Components.

(Hat-tip: Clusterflock)
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