Saturday, October 21, 2006

A quick reminder

This Monday will be the next edition of the Kansas Guild of Bloggers' weekly Carnival, to be hosted by Paul over at The Force That Through . . . . Be sure to submit something that to your mind is your best work and might conceivably be of interest to Kansans and/or people for whom "Kansas" is an occasional passing thought.

(Sorry to cut out so many possible submissions there, but we have to place limits somewhere.)

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John B. said...

Paul sez:

People can send me links by commenting at

or e-mailing me at pdecell at sunflower dot com.

R. Sherman said...

John, does that mean if I end every entry with "KU delenda est," I can join?


John B. said...

Mr. Sherman,
I don't see why not. We don't have nearly enough KU-bashing among the KGBers, and in these days of respecting and representing the diversity of opinion out there in Kansas' quadrant of the blogosphere, it behooves us to have "the other side" represented.

Paul Decelles said...

KGB is up at:

No Kansas bashing this month, but just an attempt to represent the different points of view in the blogosphere even if I don't agree with them. But if some one has insightful beef about Kansas bring it on!