Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome to the KGB Weekly Carnival

It's Monday again, which means our weekly round-up of the best that's been thought and said by members of the Kansas Guild of Bloggers.

I received the first two posts via the submission page; the rest appearing here will be the little dogies I've rustled up from various members' blogs.

Over at Three O'Clock in the Morning emawkc vents his spleen on the subject of unimaginative campaign ads (a frequent theme among bloggers this week) in Campaign Ad nauseam.

Joel Mathis raps, "Damn, it feels good to wear a sport coat" at Cup o' Joel: I feel pretty.

At Bittersweet Life, Ariel gives the floor over to son Aidan in anticipation of the soon-to-arrive Big XII basketball season (otherwise known to them as the Jayhawks' tune-up for March Madness . . . what is that line again about pride and falls?) in This baby talks smack.

JD passes on (no pun) a well-nigh indelible image as he seeks to convey to his readership the problem with being a political blogger.

LadyGunn reminisces about her happy childhood spent among sheep innards (really!) in the innocuously-titled Farm Fun.

At The Force That Through . . . , Paul meditates on the inevitable difficulties arising from the desire to accommodate everyone in Diversity run amok.

In The Foundation--Core Values, Gwynne of The Shallow End posts her core values . . . listing Monty Python and the Holy Grail as her "deal breaker" in determining whether she can be friends with someone.

Josh of Thoughts from Kansas reprints an epistolary saga that records, indirectly, the Washingtonification of a Kansas Congressman in They Write Letters.

And last but not least: Over at What the Deuce?, "The D" continues to battle the bulge in Weekend Weigh-In.

That's it for this week. Next Monday, Josh will host the Carnival over at the above-mentioned Thoughts from Kansas, so don't forget to submit something.

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