Monday, November 06, 2006


I have a busy half-week ahead of me, so this (and another this evening that will direct you to this week's KGB Carnival) will be it for good old Blog Meridian for a while. Besides: about all I'd have to say to you worth saying would be, Go And Vote!!! (Which, it seems, I've just said. So: two posts in one.)

At any rate, if you're looking for heartier blogosphere fare than that, I direct your attention over to the right gutter, and in particular the Technorati widget that displays the most recent posts from this blog's favorites. Some of these blogs are friends of this blog; some don't know it from Adam's blog; some are political; some religious in content; some personal; all of it worthy of your attention, if you like what you find here.

Enjoy. I'll be back Wednesday-ish.

EDIT: And if you run out of stuff to read here and at the same time have had the question "So, does Wikipedia ever reject anything?" burning like a white-hot poker, um, poked into your brain, go here to learn that the answer is Yes.

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