Saturday, November 11, 2006

In case you were wondering . . .

Of late, the daily number of visitors to good old Blog Meridian has increased by half again what I had been averaging over the past several months. I have no idea what has precipitated this dramatic increase--perhaps a desire to go blog-slumming borne of boredom with all those truly sophisticated, erudite blogs out there? Ah well. I welcome you, though I can understand if you feel, after arriving here, that that is one mouse-click you will never ever get back.

First-time visitors, I figure, despairing to find something here to justify what I'm sure must have been their crushing disappointment with what they find on the front page, might possibly want to try some other things I've posted here over the 2 1/2 years and almost 500 posts of this blog's existence. And so, in the spirit of that post where I placed all the "Stretch of river" posts and then linked to over in the gutter, I've gathered up some links to posts I'm not too embarrassed to say I've written, divided them up according to types of media, as you see, and linked to them over in the gutter. There's also a page for the (very) occasional parodies I've posted. The whole idea is to spare you the task of searching the entire archives for something that might be worth reading. These posts will speed up your search through the litterbox that is the archive, like cat-litter scoops do. Sort of.

I was never good at analogies.

As for the blogrolls: I'm sure that Mark Twain, if he had a blog, would have said, "The man with one blogroll always knows who has updated. The man with two is never sure." Here's the thing: Blogrolling does not show when blogs on LiveJournal and some other platforms have updated, but the Technorati Favorites widget does. However, Blogrolling is usually pretty quick about indicating when blog roll members have updated, and Technorati is not always so quick. Hence the redundancy of two blogrolls.

In his comment on the post on parodies, Andrew mentions that he'd not seen one of them before and, wonder of wonders, was glad that he had. That little comment is more than rationale enough for doing this. I hope others of you will find your way over there as well, even long after this post has disappeared from the Meridian's front page.


Ariel said...

I'm glad for the new sidebar links, which will point me toward more Meridian reading. Interestingly, I've been getting more traffic lately, too. I can only assume that Blog Meridian and BitterSweetLife are somehow combining their gravitational pulls for mutual benefit...crafty blogs.

John B. said...

Thanks, Ariel.
I figure that if long-time readers find the links useful as well, that too is to the good. After all: as I was pulling all that together, I ran across stuff that I'd all but forgotten I'd written. So, as the senility creeps in, it'll be a helpful prod to my memory.

fearful_syzygy said...

I only see one blogroll, unless the KGB blogroll is the other one. In either case, I'm not on it/them.


John B. said...

Fearful Syzygy,

I count strangely. Or I reckon blogrolls strangely. Or something.

I'm counting the Technorati widget as a blogroll; if you click on "blogmeridian's favorites," then click on a tab that says "blogs from favorites," then scroll down, you'll see good old Delights for the Ingenious listed there. "Hrmpf!" right back atcha.

Below that is a regular Blogroll. Yours isn't listed there because that blogroll doesn't receive pings from updated LiveJournal blogs. Also, there's a good bit of redundancy in the Technorati favorites and this blogroll because, well, sometimes Technorati registers new posts, sometimes not.

The listings on the KGB roll are under someone else's control--not sure whose.

Anyway. Rest assurred that yours is listed. But your point is well taken: more visibility for the Technorati blogs not on the blogroll would be a Good Thing.

fearful_syzygy said...

It's not really a big deal, I was just slightly confused by the new set-up. My blog's been so vernachlässigt of late that it's hardly worth linking to anyway. Glad to see you're still fighting the good fight, though.