Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The KGB Carnival's Thanksgiving Week edition

Just what every holiday feast needs: tasty blogosphere fare to whet the appetite.

Here are some of this week's bon mots from both KGB members and a blogger who isn't a member but who is a Kansan:

Over at Three O'Clock in the Morning, emawkc writes about his suden awareness of blatant product placement in Re: Integration.

At Thoughts from Kansas, Josh has a nice post up on the central role of churches in the civil rights movement and some thoughts on how churches might similarly become involved in workers' rights issues in Late Sunday Sermon: Tolerance, politics, and religion.

My colleague Dejavaboom over at Musement Park revitalizes the old saying "Satan finds work for idle hands" via the appearance--in his house!!--of video games in Let the Devil in the Door.

Ariel of Bittersweet Blue has been keeping tabs on recent controversial comments by evangelical leader Mark Driscoll concerning Episcopalians and the roles of pastors' wives, as well as other evangelicals' responses to those comments. His most recent post on this is here; be sure to follow the links to get the full context . . . and to get a sense of inter-evangelical debate nowadays.

Blogger-extraordinaire and purple-bleeding K-Stater J.D. of Evolution relates a nightmare he had this past Saturday.

At his eponymously-named blog, Happy in Bag wonders why his ancestors stopped in the center of the Great Plains when California beckoned.

And last but not least: At his blog My Thoughts, Dennis, aka KS Cowboy, muses on how much history and how many changes those of us of a certain age have experienced in With age comes wisdom? Ain't it the truth: why just last week, I was telling my students that about when I was in college and had to use cuneiform tablets . . . a real pain to edit, especially after the tablets had been fired. Y'all remember those days?

Net Monday's Carnival will appear at the above-mentioned Thoughts from Kansas, so be sure to send something his way. You may not be able to carve or baste, but surely you can cut and paste.

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1 comment:

dejavaboom said...

Thanks for the nod! I lurk and read more than I link or interact...been a fan of the KGB carnival for some time now, and I would contribute upfront if a)I thought I regularly had stuff of KGB quality and b)if I was confident in my fumbling of the carnival tool. Anyway, outstanding stuff here, and I'm proud to be engaged. (Your readership will likely continue to soar, for your blog's got it all!)