Sunday, December 10, 2006

"It is engendered. Hell and night/Must bring this monstrous blog to the world's light."

Almost a year ago, I came up with what I thought was a clever name for a blog, checked Google and Blogger on a lark to see if anyone else had come up with it, found that no one had, and so claimed it for myself.

And then, for 11 months, I wondered, "Okay--NOW what?" Then last night it occurred to me. And you're welcome to visit the work-in-progress that is In-A-Bloga-Da-Vida. It's pretty bare-bones just now, but at least you'll find some things to read and watch (some of which my long-time readers may remember made their first appearance here).

Once you visit and see what I'm up to there, I hope you'll feel yourselves inclined to contribute links to your and other people's work that you've found. The more content-rich, the better.

Thanks in advance for visiting.


R. Sherman said...

Totally off-subject (although I stopped by your other blog), here's a take on the violence in Mel Gibson's new movie you might ponder.


R. Sherman said...

Another off subject comment:

A review of The Road. (There is a spoiler here if you haven't read the novel.)