Monday, December 11, 2006

The end-of-semester KGB Carnival

Running a bit late today with the Carnival. Ah, well. I hope you enjoy what we have for you this week and that you'll find someone worth a future visit from you.

The first four are bona-fide uncoerced submissions via the Carnival Submission form; below the fold are recent posts by members that I thought you might enjoy reading.

LadyGunn presents You Know You're From Kansas If.... I'm still something of a newbie here in Kansas, but the quiz looks pretty thorough to me.

emawkc of Three O'Clock in the Morning contributes two posts. The first, Un-Legendary, bemoans the absence of a likeness of Bill Snyder from KC's Legends outdoor mall. And in the second, he writes to inform us that in the matter of cursing one's friends, even in jest, there are no backsies.

Winston Rand of Nobody Asked . . . is a Tennesseean who has contributed to past Carnivals, and we welcome him back. This week, he sends us Me and Buddy. If its subtitle, "My Brief Life as a Teenage Terrorist," doesn't get you over there, then would knowing that the story involves his mean old science teacher, a cherry bomb . . . and a plate glass window?

Ariel of Bittersweet Life, hanging on for dear life at his own end-of-the-semester rope, contemplates the theology of the Road Ahead.

In "In defense of the bandwagon," Joel Mathis of Cup o' Joel gets Wichita State Shocker basketball fever!! (and feels a wee bit disloyal to the KU Jayhawks in so doing)

J.D. of Evolution posts a review of a review of a new documentary on Fred Phelps and his church.

Happy in Bag posts a nice remembrance of Kansas City musician Jay McShann, who died last week at age 100.

KS Cowboy offers up a different sort of on-line shopping.

Red State Rabble note some irony in in Kent Hovind's blog post from prison, in which he discusses the joys of Bible study with other prisoners.

Paul of The Force that Through . . . has a post up on the precipitous drop in the number of men interested in teaching at the K-12 level.

A California Girl in Kansas is back in the blogging saddle after a few months away.

Carolyn of A Prairie View writes here about the approaching holidays, the anniversary of her mother's death, and the annual Parade of Lights in her town.

Over at The Shallow End, Gwynne learns that she writes at about a 6th-grade level, that she is in decent company, and is okay with that.

Finally, Josh of Thoughts from Kansas ponders the mystery of altruism in a natural-selection world.

That's all for this week. A hearty thank you to those who contributed and, especially, those who didn't know they'd be appearing here. Next Monday the Carnival will appear at the aforementioned Thoughts from Kansas; be sure to send something in.

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emawkc said...

Nice job. Thanks for putting this together.

John B. said...

My pleasure. Thanks for contributing.

Winston said...

Thanks for the recognition. This must be an incredible amount of work for you.