Friday, December 22, 2006

Yet another book meme

Safe and sound in Austin I am, and/but learning that my brother's duties will be to teach Iraqis how to run military warehouses . . . maybe in Kuwait, but possibly in Iraq (he doesn't yet have his orders). He's learning some Arabic, which is cool. The "Iraq" part is a bit less cool, though.


Fellow Texan N. of Sinequanon has tagged me with an unusual book meme. Here goes:

*Find the nearest book.
*Name the title and author.
*Turn to p. 123.
*Post sentences 6-8.
*Tag 3 more people.

Sounds like fun, though I'm not sure what will be done with all these spare parts. So, here goes:

My book: The Known World, by Edward P. Jones (I'm finally getting around to reading this, and I'm both happy that I am and very sad that I have waited this long).

And here are sentences 6-8 on p. 123:

"Who's that you playin with like children in the dirt?"
"That Moses. You know Moses, Mr. Robbins."

Perhaps this exquisite corpse (if that's what it is to be) can use a little dialogue.

And now, 3 people to tag:

Joel Mathis of Cup o' Joel
Debra of Reflecting
and Hank of A Lake County Point of View


debra said...

I'm glad you made it safely to Austin -- Enjoy the time with your family! I gladly accept your tag and will post soon.

All the best...

Joel said...

Done! And Merry Christmas!

The County Clerk said...

OK... I'm on it. The nearest book huh?

Winston said...

Thank you so much for not tagging me. I looked around and the closest book is a dead-tree dictionary. Hmmm... how do you count sentences in a dictionary?

Happy Holidays!