Saturday, January 13, 2007


Via Clusterflock comes a new-to-me place called Locus Novus, a site for works that seek to meld text, images, music, and software into an integrated whole. The website's presentation--a setting-into-motion of Mondrian's painting Broadway Boogie-Woogie Music--should be enough by itself to make you smile with pleasure and curious as to what these works might look like. Some pieces are better than others, as you might expect, but one that I found especially subtle and complex in nature is "Suu Kyi/Giacometti," a juxtaposition of images from and biographies of the Burmese human rights activist and the Italian sculptor. Also engaging is "Pure," a mixture of vaguely-unsettling psychodramatic text, close-ups of Renoir paintings, and Mozart.

These are moody pieces, so if you're feeling a bit under the emotional weather you might want to exercise caution. But I hope you'll go have a look, sooner or later.

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