Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's Carnival time again

Running a bit late; politics makes me sleepy, apparently.

I received one submission for this week's Carnival, so the other posts are those I cherry-picked during my wanderings among the KGB members' blogs.

Good old emawkc submitted his review of Life Aquatic that he recently posted at his place, Three O'Clock in the Morning.

Carolyn of A Prairie View has posted some nice pictures of the recent snow here.

In his post, "Conversation, Education, & the Christian Ghetto," seminarian and substitute-teacher extraordinare Ariel runs with a tough crowd--public-school teachers--and mediatates a bit on shifting social dynamics.

Kevin of Becoming and Staying Debt-Free notes and approves of the state's new Attorney General's decision to hold discussions on the practices of payday-loan companies.

More snow pictures--or, more precisely, pictures of unusual tracks in the snow, these courtesy of Happy in Bag.

Bruce Alderman of It Seems to Me shares a Jewish parable.

Another weather-related post: the title of KS Cowboy's post, "Fat Boys Don't Bounce," pretty much summarizes it.

Mike of Red Letter Day reports on his trip to Macworld in San Francisco.

Paul of The Force That Through . . . and his carpool mate sing the praises of the new commuter bus service between Lawrence and Overland Park.

Yet more snow pictures, these from Gwynne of The Shallow End.

Josh of Thoughts from Kansas posts a simple but telling compare-contrast between just-sworn-in Congresswoman Nancy Boyda and the incumbent she defeated, Jim Ryun.

Next week's Carnival will appear at Josh's place, Thoughts from Kansas; as always, if you're a Kansas blogger and/or have a post that is in some way Kansas-related, I hope you'll consider submitting it for inclusion in the next Carnival.

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Gwynne said...

John, thanks for including me even though I was too lazy to submit. :)

Paul Decelles said...

Was a real slow week even for me.