Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mr. Obama (perhaps) goes to Washington?

Go and see.

I have very deep regard for this man, what he brings to the table of not just political discourse but of visions of what this nation has been and can be. His is a visionary politics, I sense, one that plays not to a hodge-podge of audiences but a collective, an American one. He does not pander, as best I can tell; his not doing so will reveal with utter clarity those who do.

His entry into the presidential race can only be good for all of us, whether or not we vote for him.


Winston said...

Agreed. Obama is the freshest breath of air we've had in politics since... hard to remember... maybe JFK. Barack seems to be one that could never be bought out, one that would always fight based on principles, work for what is right for America and Americans. And because he is (perhaps) not corruptible, he may not gain the broad and necessary backing of the Democratic party chiefs. How many times have we thought and asked: Can an honest man or woman be elected these days?

John B. said...

The audacity of hope, indeed.

As I watched the announcement, listening to his matter-of-fact yet pointed assessment of American politics, I was excited but thought, Well, this seems a bit quixotic (my one hesitation is that I can't help but think it's too early for him to run). Then I remembered, The man has worked in Illinois politics and appears to have gotten through that without having sold his soul, so he's no naïf. And you listen to his language, his command of it and the utter conviction with which he speaks, and you think, when will he be MORE ready??

I'm really trying to avoid descending into a fit of irrational exuberance here about an Obama candidacy. Really. But from the moment I first heard him speak at the 2004 election, I have thought that this man, when he speaks, isn't speaking in code to voter blocs; he is not and doesn't seek to be beholden to anyone or anything but his vision of this nation. By comparison, John McCain--a true hero who has earned his stripes (in Vietnam) as few would-be Presidents have and so shouldn't feel as though he has anything to prove to anyone--and his sycophantic seeking of approval from the Bushies and the Religious Right, people he once publicly disdained, is painfully sad to watch. A former victim of torture, giving tacit approval to this administration to torture . . . Incomprehensible . . . unless you want to be elected President so badly you'll even sell out your own ideals.

curious servant said...

I've been following his story for a while now.

We need a little shaking up.

The County Clerk said...

He's my Senator... and he seems smart, energized, hopeful, etcereta... but... uh... what has he actually done?

(Don't mean to be a buzz kill.)


R. Sherman said...

His story is inspiring, but I think Winston is correct. There are too many stake holders in the Democratic Party who will want to be appeased. To win, pandering becomes a necessity. I also wonder how he'll fair against the mighty Clinton machine which views the Oval Office as divinely bestowed upon HRC.

That said, I think the country is rather tired of two decades of Bush/Clinton occupants of the White House, 28 years if you count GHWB's eight years as V.P.

John B. said...

Thanks for all the fine comments here.

There's still more I want and need to hear about this guy--I have more questions than answers about him. More has to be going on than the pretty words. How they translate into policy will be crucial. But still: a guy can hope, can't he?

Donald Braden said...

I am excited about this guy, but I do find it distrubing that the propaganda whisper campaign has started. I blog in detail about this on my blog, but I have received a couple of disgusting messages claiming essentially that he is a Muslim extremist that converted to Christianity to swindle the public.

Of course the claim is baseless and destructive, but I think that liberals should take note of these tactics and politicians need to find a way to debunk these attacks. If they don't they will all end up like John Kerry, overwhelmed by false claims that knock you off course in your campaign.

As one other poster said, Obama does not seem to speak in code, I hope that means he won't hesitate to call bullshit when necessary. Biden does it, that is one reason I am considering backing him in this presidential election.