Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Ash Wednesday"

I wrote this back in college. I don't claim it is "good," but I still like it. Perhaps some of you might, too.

Ash Wednesday

And again I feel the tiny bits of my
Self rubbed on me; those familiar words I
Hear again; a prayer; and then it's finished.

When do we learn the meaning of ashes?
Even at death, they say, light shimmers in
Dark tunnels and His voice narrates us through.
No--not at our death do we learn. Wednesday,
Ever bisecting our week: You are that
Source, that clue, interrupting as Sunday
Dares not to, a yearly mid-life crisis,
An imposition reminding us that
You first must be mortal--then immortal.


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Winston said...

deep... nice and deep... comprehension flees into the dark early morning sky...