Monday, February 12, 2007

Laissez le KGB Carnival roulette!

The picture isn't terribly Kansas-like, I know, but parade season for Mardi Gras has begun and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about it as I sit here in Wichita waiting for it to snow yet some more; and, after all, this is the KGB carnival, you know. So grab an RC Cola and some moonpies and enjoy these submissions and selections from KGBer posts from last week:

Over at The force that through..., Paul Decelles presents Not all invasive species are exotics. His post specifically focuses on red cedar.

After taking a couple of months off from blogging, Joel Mathis of Cup o' Joel is back and in What I'm Reading 2007: Vol. 1, he shares, um, what he's reading. He also invites his readers to list their current reading.

emawkc of Three O'Clock in the Morning posts another in his series of mini reviews, this one on A History of Violence.

Ariel of Bittersweet Life offers up a primer on equipment for preparing "the liquid grace of God." The man knows.

Appropriately for this especially-cold winter, Kevin of Becoming and Staying Debt-Free posts on the advantages of getting an energy credit.

To relieve the winter gloom a bit, Happy in Bag takes a nice picture and, among other things, catches himself "admiring color schemes in the yard signs of political candidates." That line all by itself lifts the gloom a bit.

Bruce Alderman of It Seems to Me . . . has an intriguing post up on that most intriguing Old Testament figure, King David.

After a fairly lengthy silence, John Mason of Right-Minded Thinking is back and now is on Wordpress. He has a thoughtful post on this country's preoccupation with celebrity.

Gwynne of The Shallow End goes used-CD shopping and has a musically-serendipitous encounter with one of the workers there.

And finally, Josh of Thoughts from Kansas notes that Kansas congressmen's inaction on last session's various appropriations bills ended up hurting or potentially hurting various regions, including Kansas.

Thanks for stopping by. Next week's carnival will be at Josh's blog, Thoughts from Kansas. I hope you'll consider submitting a post before this carnival rolls again.

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