Monday, March 26, 2007

The Bible and "contradiction"

I very much like the refusal of Today at the Mission's writer, [rhymes with kerouac], to duck difficult questions that a sincere (and sincerely-questioning) faith inevitably encounter. One cannot hide from Life when one is forced to seek aid at a homeless shelter--or not for long, at any rate. Nor, for that matter, can those who offer aid there, as rwk reveals again and again and again. Today at the Mission consistently challenges the complacency of Christians and what they believe and non-Christians and what they believe (about Christianity, at least).

Case in point: two recent posts called "I'm homeless again," in which rwk addresses simultaneously, on the one hand, his own agonized wrestling over how the God of love he finds in the Bible and believes in and loves can be reconciled with the God of violence we so often encounter in that same book and, on the other hand, how some Christians apparently don't see, or don't acknowledge, that problem. Part I is here, and Part II is here. They make for bracing reading, no matter your religious persuasion or lack thereof. I hope you'll go and read.

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