Monday, March 26, 2007

KGB Carnival of Blogs

A strange thing, circumstance: this week, the very week that, it so happens, I can't devote the usual attention I do to the Carnival (meaning, you know, like actually read the posts linked to) also happens to be the week that we received 5 (count 'em!) submissions over the transom--and, moreover, that I'd actually already read most of the submissions. Lucky me. But unlucky y'all, in that I don't have time this week to add to what I received via submissions. Well, okay--I will make sure to direct you toward the dead jayhawk I recently saw in a most unlikely place. But this is a long way of apologizing to readers for this week's truncated Carnival.

On to the submissions:

Something else you do not want to miss is the still-early but already-most-substantive discussion of Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America that not one but 3 KGBers have initiated this past week. Joel Mathis initiated it in earnest with this post, 'Democracy in America': Protestantism, books and the middle class over at Cup o' Joel. j.d. of Evolution likewise is blogging DIA, and democracy in america I: the platonic ideal is his initial post. Meanwhile, Josh of Thoughts from Kansas comments on j.d.'s comments on the idea of "equality" here. Assuming this discussion is sustained at the level these posts have set, this promises to be a rich and challenging discussion of one of the seminal books on American political and cultural life.

Bruce Alderman presents on war and peace in iraq posted at it seems to me....

emawkc presents Three O'Clock in the Morning: YouTube Tuesday: Once Upon a Time in a Cage posted at Three O'Clock in the Morning. emawkc also encourages respondents to comment on the artistic value, if any, of mash-ups.

Finally, Paul Decelles presents Vernal Pond posted at The force that through....

Next Monday's Carnival is scheduled to appear at Thoughts from Kansas. Thanks to submitters for contributing, and thanks to readers for visiting these fine posts.

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