Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring break

This morning Scruffy and I are heading down south to spend some much-needed time with my children, so this blog will be "dark" for a while. The plan is for us to return to Wichita on Friday.

If it's good stuff to read that you're looking for and somehow or other you came to the conclusion that you might find it here, I'd like to direct you to the "Daily (B)reads" and Technorati Favorites widgets over there in the right-hand gutter. Any of the folks appearing therein can give you your daily supply of blogo-carbs.

Thanks as always for visiting and reading and commenting. I'll be back next week.

Update: Speaking of the Technorati favorites . . . this morning it was with great pleasure to see, after a long silence, a new post appear over at The New York Minute. Pleasure turned to surprise when I saw, as I read Jim's new post, that he made reference to good old Blog Meridian. Anyway. Long-time readers may recall that I've linked to some of Jim's posts in the past; newer folks will want to go and make their acquaintance with his work. You could do no better than to start with this post, one of the more remarkable things I've ever read in a blog. Whatever Jim's day job is doesn't matter. He is a Writer.

UPDATE: I'm back home safely. Legitimate posting will resume as soon as something worth posting about presents itself.

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Winston said...

Safe trip!