Sunday, May 13, 2007

In which the Meridian sails off like Orson Welles into what Mrs. M. says I should call a Glorious Summer

Grades are entered, and due to verbal punch-drunkenness I'm about as coherent as Welles is here:

Paul Masson (never mind doing ads for Paul Masson) is a rather precipitous decline from Citizen Kane . . . Not even a silver spoon to gag on.

(Hat-tip: The Plank)


Gawain said...

John, thanks for dropping by at my place, and for taking up the topic of eclectic tastes -- i am looking forward to see where you take it and to comment on the same once i have a decent internet access -- probably not till july 1st. best regards

Ariel said...

Congrats on escaping the academic melee! In a couple more days, I'll be out as well...until my summer class starts.