Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Asked and answered III

Once upon a time, I volunteered to be interviewed by Randall Sherman, and this is what resulted. Part of the deal with this interviewing meme is that you are supposed to ask for volunteers to be interviewed by others. I did, and some people volunteered. And then still more did. I've now interviewed 5 volunteers.

Um . . . Gwynne of The Shallow End makes six.

If this seems like your idea of fun, just let me know, and I'll send some questions your way, too.


Gwynne said...

Thanks, John. I appreciated the "easy" (i.e. fun) questions. I do realize, coming from you, I could have been getting myself in over my head. ;-)

Jim Sligh said...

At the risk of making Asked & Answered an overwhelming chore for John instead of a meme, I'd like to volunteer for lucky number seven. If nothing else, this will be a way to avoid silence until I post one of the four or five unfinished essay-length bits that have been choking me up.

John B. said...

Shucks, Gywnne--I'm speechless.

Jim, I'd be most honored to dream up some questions for you. Look for them in a day or two; I still have some academic fish to fry yet.