Monday, May 28, 2007

Kansas Guild of Bloggers' Weekly Carnival: Memorial Day edition

A Memorial Day parade in Garnett, ca. 1882. Via the Kansas State Historical Society.

Here's hoping you and yours had a safe and restful holiday today.

I received no submissions for this week's Carnival, so what follows are selections I've made from last week's posts by KGBers and some selected Kansas bloggers. Enjoy.

From KGB members:

Appropriately for the day, Carolyn of A Prairie View has up a nice post on the meaning of Memorial Day and a tribute to her aunts.

Ariel bids farewell to the recently-completed semester and promises that his usual high-quality blog posts are on their way.

Bleeding Kansas takes the Democratic majority in the Congress to task for giving in so easily to pressures to pass a funding bill for the war in Iraq that does not have timetables for withdrawal included in it.

Here at Blog Meridian, I have a discussion about the disturbing intersection between nativist and Christianist rhetoric in the recent debates on the immigration bill before Congress.

Lyn of Bloggin' Out Loud purports to have the inside scoop on the new (and last) Harry Potter novel coming this summer. Thanks for spoiling it for us.

Kevin of Becoming and Staying Debt Free has a good news/bad news post: his finances stink; he has a date. You get to choose which is what news.

Lots of posts of late from J.D. of Evolution. The highlights are his comments on Lawrence's recently-approved domestic partner registry and an ode to his upstairs neighbor. Think of this ode--and, indeed, the entire upstairs-neighbor oeuvre--as anti-Petrarchian in their sentiment (and, thus, great fun to read).

Happy in Bag spots a groundhog in Kansas City and admits a rather odd breakfast-food fantasy.

Mike of Red Letter Day briefly notes the similarities between Stephen King's Dark Tower novels and the TV program Lost.

Red State Rabble (re)debates heliocentrism.

That same blog offers up commentary on Kentucky's new Creation Science Museum, as does Paul over at The Force That Through . . . .

Just so the available gentlemen reading this know, Melissa of Space and Time informs her readership that she is back in circulation.

Bigsibling has a thoughtful and disturbing post on historical revisionism in Great Britain.

In "Blogging for the Pandemic," Paul of The Force That Through . . . reports on how bloggers can serve as a source of information for the public and for government in event of a national emergency.

A briefcase disguised as a "circular file"? A "circular file" disguised as a briefcase? Gwynne of The Shallow End reports; you decide.

Be sure to mark next year's calendar for the gastronomical see-and0-be-seen event of the year, courtesy of Josh of Thoughts from Kansas.

Two posts from emawkc of Three O'Clock in the Morning. I'm beginning to think that he is secretly in the employ of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, or perhaps for the architects of the Nelson's new wing. In any event, here he links to a recent piece in Wired on the wing. And in other news, emawkc learns that little kids' mouth injuries bleed . . . a lot.

You say you don't know enough about The D of The D Rules? Well--here you go (warning: some crudities therein).

From non-KGB members:

Mousie Cat of Evolving Kansas has a post on the constitutionality of Kansas' recently-passed law regulating protests at funerals. Thank you, Phelps family and Westboro Baptist Church, for creating the need to make new law.

And finally, Katie of Here in Katie's Head blogs about the pleasures--and perils--of cellphones with the capacity for assignable ring-tones.

Next week's Carnival will be at the aforementioned Thoughts from Kansas. I hope you'll submit something for inclusion.

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emawkc said...

Wow, you really got busy with this edition. Great job!

BTW - I don't work for the Nelson (or the architects) I'm just a big fan (of both).