Tuesday, May 22, 2007

KGB Carnival reminder

Paul of The Force that Through . . . informs me that it's still not too late to submit posts to the KGB Carnival--but he'll be posting it this evening. Or, you can post links to your posts right at the frog's mouth (if you go there, it'll make sense).

UPDATE: The carnival has arrived. Do be sure to go and visit; no matter one's taste(s) in blogs, the submissions Paul received and his own selections have you covered.


Lyn Perry said...

Thanks for the reminder.

Paul Decelles said...

Actually I just posted..did get something form Lyn. So check out the 'That's a mighty big frog!' edition of the KGB at
my blog

Oly said...

Just a quick hello to you, John.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Will have to checks yours out here.
Oly aka Lamgelinaoly