Monday, June 04, 2007

What constitutes a secular baptism?

For some, apparently, it's no longer enough for all people here to be subject to the laws of this country and to be held accountable should they be found to have broken it.

Hugh Hewitt (via Andrew Sullivan), with regard to debates over the proposed immigration bill being debated in the House:

Illegals from those countries ["with known jihadist networks"] should have to make a positive showing of loyalty to the west and absent a confirming investigation, remain undocumented and subject to deportation. With such a provision, the new law becomes the very useful tool in stopping jihadist attacks within the U.S. that its backers argue it is already.

I'll keep this short and simply say, within the context of this post, that the phrase "positive showing of loyalty to the west" just sits there like we all know what that means, a time bomb of arbitrariness that, like most bombs, will affect far more than its intended targets should it ever detonate.

Cheerier stuff on its way.

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Winston said...

Yes, lots of loose words there that leave meaning and interpretation to each individual reader. Much like the utterances of far too many politicians these days.