Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tara Fuki, Auris

Via Calabash Music

Do I speak Czech? Nope. Did I much care that I don't after hearing about 10 seconds of the first sample on this album? Nope. You probably won't, either. Do I want to get this as soon as I am a bit more financially liquid? Yup. You probably will, too.


Update: René of Teoría del Caos links approvingly and even ups the ante by posting a video for "Lej Lej Lejack," along with a couple of other videos. I hope you'll go and watch.


R. Sherman said...

Interesting stuff.

Is there information in English about the group's inspiration. This doesn't sound "slavic," at least as I understand those musical influences.


John B. said...

Here is the link to Tara Fuki's page at Calabash. They don't sound "slavic" to me, either; maybe they're analogous to "fusion cuisine"?

Therese said...

Tara Fuki is GREAT MUSIC!!

Both of these two energetic violoncellists come from Northern Moravia, where they were passing by each other while studying at the Ostrava Conservatory. They met one year ago in Brno during their musicology studies at the Philosophical Faculty. Andrea (born in 1972) was at that time featured in the band BOO and in the international music-dance formation Rale, while Dorota (born in 1975) was playing with the Brno-based alternative band Lippany.

They are both inspired by the poetry of the night and by the dreams, which they consider as extractions from the sub-conscious. "It is because what happens to us during the night is totally different and sometimes even truer than what we perceive in the day," says Andrea. Just like dreams, their music is able to gently caress and soothe, but also to empower with its brutal urgency.

Check out more music from Tara Fuki here!!

Tomek said...

All the songs on album Auris are in Polish, actually :)
Tara Fuki have only few songs in Czech, many in Polish and some in English and French.

Video for sing Lej, Lej, Lej (Pour, pour, pour)

Lyrics of the older album Piosenki do Snu (Songs to the dream)

John B. said...

Thanks for coming by and for enlightening this ignorant American--that info is much appreciated.