Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hiatus, extended

Because I don't get paid to keep this blog but do get paid to teach, and because the latter requires me to get 4 new classes started up this week (these are 8-week classes that, in terms of workload, are semester-long courses), I fear there might not be new stuff here till this weekend or sometime next week.

The choices our choices compel us to make.

In the meantime, the bloggers I've linked to in the right-hand gutter face no such dilemmas, apparently, at least not right now; they're serving up hot, fresh wit and wisdom these days. Go pay 'em a visit. Tell 'em I said "Hey."


R. Sherman said...

The EMBLOS just started one of those. It's more trouble than its worth in my judgment, juggling the syllabus to make everything fit. Hang in there.


Winston said...

Hey to you. Take your time. We're not going anywhere. Be right here when you get back.