Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hither and Yon . . .

I'm still officially not "here," but in breaks from grading I've stumbled on some things by others that you might enjoy having a look at betimes.

Sharon Brogan of Watermark has a nice meditation on mirrors and reflection over at her place that reminds me that I have a post on this subject to get back to as well.

Over at Tales from the Microbial Lab, Pam sees a hawk attacking a bird, which leads her to re-examine her questions about the similarities between some microorganisms in dolphins' respiratory tracts and some human pathogens. Science as a kind of poetry.

Hank of A Lake County Point of View has up two magnificent posts, the first a meditation on ibises and their meaning for the Egyptians, the other on the all-but-forgotten John Parkinson (1567-1650) an English botanist in the employ of James I. But as is always the case with Hank's posts, these range far and wide . . . and unforgettably. They will require time of you. As I've said before, he is the blogger I wish I could be.

I've mentioned this site before, but it can't hurt to do so again: those looking for a good book blog may enjoy visiting The Books of My Numberless Days. Even when "super-duper tired," Imani writes elegantly about the book under consideration.

Okay: back to work for me.

UPDATE: Not so fast . . .

Something high-browish . . .

. . . and, um, something, um, Tiny-Tim-ish

(both via Clusterflock)


The County Clerk said...

You are, as always, too kind.

Pam said...

I love when someone thinks of 'science as a kind of poetry' - I do think so (as you most likely know) - thank you.