Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday hiatus

Nor is this the promised substantive post. Apparently, my dozing off on the couch this evening was the more important order of the day.

Instead, this is to inform my reader(s) that I'll be heading to Austin later today (Saturday) to spend Christmas with my mother. I'll return to Wichita on the 26th. And then, something (I hope) worthy of your visit here.

Merry Christmas, and peace and blessings be with you and yours this holiday season.

EDIT: Anyone looking for a New Year's resolution? How about this one, via Languagehat, from the American Speech Committee in (note the date) 1918:

I love the United States of America. I love my country's flag. I love my country's language. I promise:
1. That I will not dishonor my country's speech by leaving off the last syllable of words.
2. That I will say a good American "yes" and "no" in place of an Indian grunt "um-hum" and "nup-um" or a foreign "ya" or "yeh" and "nope."
3. That I will do my best to improve American speech by avoiding loud, rough tones, by enunciating distinctly, and by speaking pleasantly, clearly and sincerely.
4. That I will learn to articulate correctly as many words as possible during the year.

Oh--and stop slouching, too, while you're at it.


Winston said...

Have a safe trip and a very Merry Christmas season, John. I will consider your proposed resolutions, but can make no promises. See ya on da flip side, dude...

Pam said...

I love to slouch. Honestly. Too much of life is spent sitting up straight - it's not that I don't (sit up straight) but a good day spent slouching is a wonderful thing.

Have a good trip. Enjoy the time with your mother, okay?

Sheila said...

You set off driving into a howling Great Plains storm, didn't you? I hope that you will have time to recuperate before making the reverse trip -- and that the roads will be clear. (How many snow plows does the State of Texas own? Eleven? Or is it down to ten now? Do they still have that case of five-pound bags of salt?)

Felicitations to you.

R. Sherman said...

Safe trip and Merry Christmas.


lluvia said...


Paul Decelles said...

I promise not to use the word "wacko" except in reference to Ann Coulter.