Sunday, December 02, 2007

Scorsese does Hitchcock: "The Key to Reserva"

This little film is really remarkable in various ways, none of which I'll go into here for fear of spoiling things.

But here's a teaser:

"It's one thing to preserve a film that has been made. It's another to preserve a film that has not been made."

(Hat-tip: Clusterflock)


R. Sherman said...

I think Alfred would approve.


John B. said...

I think so, too--especially coming as it does from a filmmaker who is himself obsessed with Hitchcock. It's both witty and genuinely honorific.

Hyygeia said...

Ummmm .... what about the big gorilla in the room? Does Scorsese's homage justify the commercialization? Does it matter what the Frexinet tastes like? I don't know the answer to this question, really, but exactly how much commercialization/funding is acceptable, and doesn't this piece push it some? I love Hitchock (and sparkling wine, for that matter) but find the Frexinet distracting. And, while on the surface this is Scorsese's nod to Hitchcock, isn't his capitalization somewhat of a imposition on the art of Hitch? I imagine what Scorsese was paid by Frexinet for this homage would support us "regular" Hitchcok fan for a lifetime.

John B. said...

You ask some valid questions. I also confess to being a bit taken aback by the fact that it's an ad. The impression might be that Hitch is tacitly (if very posthumously) approving in some way.

But then, I figured, Well, it's not a Hitchcock film being pressed into the service of Frexinet; it's Scorsese's pastiche of iconic images from Hitchcock films. It's too busy winking at itself to be worried about little things like Art and Reputation. Maybe.

fearful_syzygy said...

MS: It has to be the way Hitchcock would have made it then only making it now. But the way he would have made it then. If he was alive now making this now, he would make it now as if he'd made it back then.

F: I understand perfectly.

Well that's nice because it sure as hell doesn't make any sense to me! It's good, I like it: I don't think it matters that it's an advert, or at least as soon as I figured out that it was all a hoax I didn't.