Friday, January 18, 2008

The Edge of the American West

I want to both thank and draw your attention to a newish history blog, The Edge of the American West. Eric Rauchway and Ari Kelman, both of the University of California at Davis, offer up commentary on contemporary events in this country by providing historical context for those events, along with This Day In History-type entries and the occasional oh-by-the-way entries we all have on our blogs. They lean leftward in their political affinities, and/but they blog with wit and intelligence.

I already owe their blog a couple of debts of gratitude. It was, indirectly, through this post at their blog and its link to the map of American slavery that led to my writing this post, so that fact already created some indebtedness on my part. But tonight I learned completely by accident that in their post "The Candidate with a Thousand Faces" (about American archetypes), they had linked to my post on John Henry from last summer.

So: I have one more blog to flog here on occasion, yet another link added to the gutter. And you have another fine blog to pay a visit to.

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