Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In which the Meridian plays hooky from his morning office hours

Don't tell anyone, but:

I will be attending this little old event this morning. I suspect at least some of my colleagues will be there as well, so that's my exercise of tu quoque for the semester by way of mitigating the professional sin I am committing by not being in my office this morning.

Supposedly, I am guaranteed a seat. We shall see. It'd be way cool to get to see something that Chris Matthews didn't get to see yesterday.

Whatever happens, I'll post on whatever I see and hear of this thing.


R. Sherman said...

Cool. I'll be interested in your take on him "up close" and relatively personal.


melponeme_k said...

Exciting. I can't wait to read about it.

Winston said...

I envy. Your gubernator did an outstanding job with the Dem rebuttal to Bush's Stalemate of the Union address last night. You should be proud. Roomie kept shouting at the TV, "You should be running for President or at least Obama's VP." Quite a dynamic and articulate woman...