Sunday, February 03, 2008

Shameless bloggy self-promotion

I've just started a new, academically-oriented blog.

Its name is Domestic Issue, and its focus will be on my dissertation's subject, historical and literary narratives of miscegenation (both racial and cultural) in the Americas, along with some theory and criticism and commentary on contemporary people and events. It will also, eventually, have extensive listings of online and dead-tree material on this subject.

There's not much there right now, and (aside from the initial entry, which explains the blog's title) what will be appearing over there at first will be material that first appeared here. This spring, therefore, it will grow slowly. But the scaffold is there.

I recognize that this new place won't exactly pack people in, but that's okay. I want it to be useful for people as it becomes more established, but its chief purpose is to give me a place to focus on and gather resources for this book project I keep talking about. Anyway, I hope that, should you bump into things that you think might be apropos of Domestic Issue's concerns, you'll pass them along to me.

Thanks. Maybe I'll see some of you over there.

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