Saturday, March 01, 2008

A meme spreads

Dear reader(s), meet Liberty Fillmore, Cart-Whisperer:

If you need or want some context, go here--or, if that's not enough, here. I can't resist one quick comment, though: it's indeed a testimony (positive or negative, I'll let you decide) to the co-optative powers of the free market that the image of the abandoned shopping cart, which can be read as a commentary on the excesses of consumerist culture, itself becomes a means by which consumerist culture perpetuates itself. The cart is too-empty a vessel?

And, yes, you smart people out there, I know that by linking to it I'm participating in the very thing about which I feel more than a little ambivalence. All I can say to that is, short of finding a nice cave in Montana and taking with me a couple years' worth of tuna fish (not forgetting the can-opener) and an Uzi or two, at times the box is so large that one can't think outside it--and that that, too, is our collective doing.


R. Sherman said...

This killed me.

I mentioned in your Stretch of River post, that I used to ride round-up every weekend in Columbia, MO, picking up my store's carts which had gone off the reservation for various reasons.

What did we do without You Tube.


John B. said...

I'd forgotten about your cart-wrangling days until I re-read my older post; I'm glad I was able to provide you a glimpse of what you might have done with your life had the lawyering thing not worked out.

YouTube is indeed an amazing thing. For purposes of an upcoming post, last night via YouTube I found myself spending a couple of hours taking a visual stroll down memory lane, looking at images I'd literally not seen since my college days. As good as a madeleine, let me tell you.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the links. The classification project was almost as interesting as the video. The concept of the video was wonderfully executed down to the hamburger and supersized drink.

I love seeing the latest art from the comfort of my deskchair rather than having to go to the galleries. There is no temptation to "buy".

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