Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Housekeeping; more shameless self-promotion

Mali Monday will come a day late--today, that is.

I've been away from "here" due to my doing a bit of research at the library and posting content over at my academic blog, Domestic Issue. Of interest to some visitors here may be a question I ask about Melville's term "isolatoes" (a term he uses to describe the crew members of the Pequod); a discussion of a poem by a Brazilian writer, along with a defense of why I read it in that way; and an initial rationale for why I use the term miscegenation, as opposed to, say, "interracial mixing" or some other, less-charged equivalent term. That last post has the additional merit of being a response to another blogger's question; thus, the new place is beginning to engender discussion, as I had hoped it would.

Back tonight with a Mali "Monday" post.

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