Thursday, April 17, 2008

Noted without comment

(well, okay--one comment: the place I found this is a pro-Obama post, but the comment's content is not.)

From Brendan Loy's comment thread:

WTF!?! An ABC reporter just interviewed someone who talked about how people were disappointed that the first 45 minutes didn't focus on the issues. The reporter responded, "They can always look at their websites for that."


R. Sherman said...

I'm always amazed that people think we can actually learn anything about the candidates from these . . . these . . . things which are not debates in the pure sense of the word. Real questions about economic or foreign policy philosophy are never asked. Instead, questions are posed to give the MSM a good, preferably controversial sound bite to feed the maw of the next 24 hour news cycle.

And yes, I'm crabby and I hate politicians and politics with a passion that grows ever greater by the moment.

I'll stop now.


R. Sherman said...

And while I'm thinking about it, what's with George Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton staffer if I have not completely lost my mind, being a moderator? You mean Hillary's Mom wasn't available?


John B. said...

Yeah. What you said.

In response to your second comment--and in fairness to Clinton as well--at first I thinking as you did, but I remembered later that in his book All Too Human Stephanopolous says some less-than-kind things about the Clintons. But, that's not to say that his relationship with Clinton is "complicated" (read: a weird sort of Oedipal thing) justifies his being a moderator. I mean, is "complicated" the new "impartial"?

None of the above pleases me as a voter, though (apart from who my candidate is), which is the same as your first post's point. (Here once appeared a whole lot of ranting that I've written and deleted a couple of times. But I'm not the type to complain, remember.) So, as I said: What you said.

Two Dishes said...

Prez campaign money and the media are amazing bellwethers of how we've lost our way.

I have no illusions about TV moderators when I recall that the two easiest majors in college were education (full disclosure: I'm a teacher) and communications.

Making things worse, these journalists read the other journalists, further feeding on garbage.

John B. said...

Thanks for coming by and commenting. I know I have visited your place in the past, but I can't remember how I had found my way there. In any case, welcome.

I wish I knew what the way out of this morass is. Once upon a time, I thought this blog thing would be the Cool Thing and would fade away. But no: (some) blogs have been instrumental in breaking and keeping alive major stories; the best of them are, of course, partisan, but they have, hands down, better analysis of issues than even the cable channels, with all that time to fill with anything they want, are willing or able to provide. But even having said all that, there's just no valid excuse for that thing ABC put on the air.