Thursday, April 03, 2008

In which the Meridian dispenses advice for bonding with administrators with a certain, very specific predilection

The administrator and predilection in question: our Humanities/Fine Arts' dean's (tongue-in-cheek) obsession for Tom Jones (mentioned here before).

How to bond: Send him/her a link to this.

I sent the above to him the same day I posted this. He never acknowledged receiving it, and I figured he either deleted it or hated it. But this morning at in-service, he hollered at me from across the room.

(He's not a hollerer.)

When I went over to him, he said, without preamble, "I've e-mailed that link to everybody I know!" He went on to rave about how extraordinary it was, how it left him speechless.

Now: if you don't have a boss with a taste for Tom Jones, begin to cultivate such a person. Then e-mail that link to him. I'm here to tell you: Instant raise (that might even be more than a cost-of-living increase).


R. Sherman said...

Ya' know, I'm really starting to worry about you.


Winston said...

Bizzarro, dude... I still like their "Sweet Home Alabama" better...

Tom Jones has been on tour in the states. Was in Knoxville recently and one of my blog friends (Straight White Guy in my DailyBread list) went with wife and wrote about it. Apparenty old Tom still has it.

John B. said...

I appreciate (in the legal sense of that word) your concern. I'll just reassure you that, like you, I prefer Lynyrd to Leningrad . . . but, let's face it: that performance of "Delilah" is really just a Tom Jones performance taken to some logical (and, yes, some less-logical) conclusions.

Re Straight White Guy's observation: That's what my dean said, too, when he and his wife saw him perform in Vegas. Personally, I can take or leave Tom Jones; but: he (still) does what he does very well despite being, well, you know, kinda up there in years. That, I think, is worthy of admiration.