Monday, April 07, 2008

Mali Monday #8: Mamou Sidibé

Image found here.

Official website (adventurously translated from the French).

From Bamako (Mali's capital, in the south of the country) and the child of musician parents, Sidibé got her start as a backing singer for Oumou Sangaré. She has also provided backing vocals for Issa Bagayogo. Like Sangaré, Sidibé's subjects are women's issues and problems confronting Malian youth; like both Sangaré and Bagayogo, she has melded traditional instruments and song structures into heady dance music. Nimissa, her first album, is more obviously techno in its approach; Mussoya, her most recent, is more subdued and, to my ears, owes its more acoustic approach to Rokia Traoré.

Sidibé is well-known and well-regarded in her country, but her music is difficult to find in this country. However, samples and downloads of both albums are available via Calabash music.

Here is the video for "Foulbé," from Mussoya:

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