Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In which Montaigne reveals what I'm really doing on my sabbatical

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There is more work in interpreting interpretations than in interpreting things; and more books about books than on any other subject; we do nothing but write glosses on one another.

--Michel de Montaigne (as quoted by Michel Foucault, The Order of Things, 40)


Raminagrobis said...

Or alternatively, how about this, also from the third volume of Essays:

Who seeth not that I have entred so large a field, and undertaken so high a pitch, wherein so long as there is either Inke or Paper in the world, I may uncessantly wander and fly without encombrance?

(Florio's translation)

John B. said...


This interconnectedness of all knowledge thing is marvelous to indulge in . . . but then I see the calendar says "almost September, almost September . . . "

zunguzungu said...

As a blogger himself, he knew what he was doing: