Monday, September 22, 2008

Faulkner on family you didn't know you had

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From a transcript of Q&A sessions with students at the University of Virginia, April 27th, 1957:

Q: This genealogy with all these people that were connected with each other, McCaslins and everybody--was that made up before the books were written or as each one was written?

A: No, that came along as these people appeared--I would think of one character to write a story about and suddenly he would drag in a lot of people I never saw or heard of before, and so the genealogy developed itself.

(This Faulkner kick I'm on will pass once my reading changes--promise.)

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dd said...

I often survey my writing friends to learn if they are closer to Hemingway or Fitzgerald... until I surveyed my 90ish year old friend Bob. Bob met Hem, Scott and makes fun of A.E. Hochner. He explained that most writers of his day looked to Faulkner.