Thursday, September 11, 2008

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An excerpt from today's Charles Gibson interview with Sarah Palin on ABC:


BruceA said...

Wow. It's a good thing John McCain is a relatively young man with no history of health problems or cancer or anything. I'd hate to think what kind of leadership vacuum we would have if he wasn't able to serve his full term if elected.

Doc said...

I am not a Charles Gibson fan; I consider him somewhat of a "tame" reporter where the GOP is concerned.

That said, it was pleasant to watch him dog Palin.

More surprising than that was Palin's stage fright and her obvoius lack of preperation: to toss back a question at Gibson on the first question -showing she obviously could not remember (if she ever truly knew ) the Bush Doctrine was a purely amatuer move.

Gibson may have been choosen for his less than hard-hitting journalism, but you could see that he was irritated with the fact that Palin was not up to the task. She had been coached on the party line but couldn't walk it.

The scariest bit about that clip -to me- is that nothing resonated with her: when vexed by something you don't really understand, and unable to remember the lies someone fed you, people almost always respond with their truth, good or bad. It's just second nature.

Which tells me the lady hasn't had a serious thought in her head the last 2 years beyond her family and how to avoid being impeached from her current office.

Which just solidified my initial impression of her.

On a 'positive' note, she does have that "thumb over forefinger fist" thing down well, though...