Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"What do you talk about when you cannot explain the last 8 years of failure?"

In case anyone is just dying to know this blog's thinking about the election . . .

Crickets. Just as I suspected. Ah, well.

. . . I'll just refer you to this. Keep that question in mind as you listen to the rhetoric of the campaign whose manager has determined that this election will not be about issues--that's my question as well:

Nothing has happened in the past week that makes that question any less relevant.

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R. Sherman said...

I hope this comment shows up where I intended it to. I had to go answer the phone.

It seems to me that elections haven't been about issues for a long time. They have become about personalities, a giant popularity contest where people are praised or pilloried according to whatever Drudge is posting at the moment, and any action is justified because of the "rightness" of the desired result. Whether it's Gov. Palin's uterus or Senator Obama's remark about lipstick.

(Insert cuss word of choice, here.) I still await an explication of policies and concrete proposals. Dare I say, I fear I shall still be waiting come the middle of November.