Thursday, October 09, 2008

Maybe, but I'm not holding my breath

Kansas: Turning blue?

--subject heading of an e-mail from Obama for America's director in Kansas


coppercorn said...

I lived the first 33 years of my life in California, and the next 5 in Kansas, so I have never cast a vote for President that actually, you know, COUNTED. Someday.

And on your previous post about the last debate, my husband and I heard the "sacrifice" question (before his blood pressure went up too much and we had to turn off the TV) and rolled our eyes. We have been talking about that exact subject for the last five years. Are we at war, or not?

I have occasionally posted exerpts from my grandmother's 1942 diary on my blog. (My uncle has been sending the family daily entries.) At the time she was a farmwife in Nebraska raising seven kids, and the realities of the US having just entered WWII are noted frequently. Most recently she notes that her 14-year-old daughter (my aunt) went over to the church to help can apples and plums, and that the pastor had managed to get a large quantity of sugar for that purpose. (Because, of course, it was RATIONED.)

John B. said...


I appreciate (and, I hope it's obvious) agree with your comments. But I posted this because when I read the subject heading the first image that popped into mind was that of the entire state getting mad and holding its breath, well on the way to passing out. It just made me laugh.