Sunday, October 05, 2008

A stretch of river LII: Yet another reason I wish I had a camera

Seen on this morning's walk at one of the other apartment complexes we pass:

A large, shattered piece of plate glass lying on the grass by one of the buildings, in the middle of which was a thick rectangular piece of ceramic with a label on it.

That label reads: "Set the Mood Candleholder."
Along these lines: Some of you might be intrigued by Unphotographable by Michael David Murphy: often-intense descriptions of scenes that Murphy, a photographer by trade, for various reasons could not or would not photograph. Murphy is such a trained observer and so visually oriented, you end up not wishing he had taken the picture. Your mind's eye more than suffices.

His most recent post:

This is a picture I did not take of a man retrieving items from a recently burned home, walking down the front steps from the porch, holding an American flag in his arms as if it were a child, the flag burnt and brown at the edges, the man cradling it and shaking his head as he walked it to the curb piled high with bags of burned junk.

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