Saturday, October 11, 2008

"You have been summoned here to answer the threat of Norman"

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Surely y'all know that today at high noon (Eastern Time) on the fields of Big D, the army of all that is good and right in this green world of Middle Earth is called upon again, as it has been for the past 102 years, to battle the forces of death and darkness.

Though the battle may be in doubt, the eventual outcome is not.

It is the Good Fight writ large. Thus, they ask for no gold or garlands. A hearty "Hook 'em!!" will suffice.

UPDATE: They bow to no one.


Doc said...

speaking as an alum of one of the schools that bit them last year, good luck with that - they look mean this year.

John B. said...

Thanks. I hear you--intellectually, I'm not naive about that. I think, though, that if Texas can get any sort of pass rush, that gives them an edge: Bradford isn't very mobile as a quarterback; but McCoy does a pretty good Tim Tebow imitation.

Viscerally, though . . . I grew up in Austin during the Darryl Royal vs. Barry Switzer years, and every year during Beat OU week there'd be these stories in the paper about how dirty and loathsome and just plain Evil the Sooners were (they tackled dirty; they had spies watching practices; that sort of thing). It was like Royal was running a psy-ops operation on the city of Austin and not just his teams. Weird. So as a result of being exposed to all that during my formative years, I'm irrationally partisan when it comes to this game.

Doc said...

psy-ops: ha!

what's hillarious (to what passes for my mind) is that i did both puzzle palace as well as field implementation work back in the day and we discovered what makes that black magic really, really work is, excuse me here...inbred disposition toward the promulagted proposition...i'm not saying both states hold football in loftier regard than the principles of democracy, but...

i can see it here, also: i live in KC, on the MO side, but just 2 miles away from the state line so there are as many KU flags flying in the neighborhood on Saturdays as there are MUs banners.

as a CU alum - one who is well aware we lost our offenseive front line in the FSU game (not to mention our little nepotism issue) - my saturdays are almost tranquil in comparrison...

I see it's kick-off time: good luck to you.

R. Sherman said...

Well played game.

Alas, my Tigers fell to OSU and yes, I drank too much during the debacle. Fortunately, I nonetheless made it to church.


P.S. Word verification for this comment: "Ourks."

Evidently not.

John B. said...

I was pulling for your Tigers. Still, somehow I don't think this weekend's game will be any easier for the 'Horns. It might have become harder, in fact.

Pam said...

Go Hoos.