Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your chance to help further my students' education!

I'll be away from "here" for a few days--reading/writing/grading call--but in the meantime . . .

A few days ago, I posted that I'd be requiring my students to keep blogs on the subjects of their research paper topics. Well: if you're interested in this at any level, here is a link to a list of their blogs that I have so far, along with brief descriptions of their subjects. As you'll see, there's quite a range of subject matter, and some are further along in their thinking and/or content than others. But I hope that those of you with time and inclination will go and have a look and maybe find a blog whose subject interests you enough to comment on it. As I say over there, it's my hope that my students become more self-conscious of themselves as writers if they know that someone other than their prof is reading their work.

It takes a blogosphere to educate a class.

Thanks in advance, and I'll see you back "here" sometime next week.

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