Thursday, January 15, 2009

So what else can you do with three chords?

If you're Shearwater, you can make a little ditty called "The Snow Leopard":

This is the magnificent penultimate song on their 2008 album Rook, on which my friend Ariel recently smiled his approval and for which I have vowed to forgo a few groceries, come next payday, in order to acquire.

Over at, someone tagged Shearwater with this: "maybe this will make getting older easier and somehow blunt the pain, of the soundtrack of my life." Frankly, I don't see how hearing this could make anyone's life any worse.

Lyrics below the fold.

"the way is to climb
the way is to lie still
and let the moon do its work on your body

and then to rise
through forests and oceans of lives
and through the way of the black rocks, splitting, wide,
and flow
ten thousand miles."

well, i've had enough,
wasting my body, my life
i'll come away, come away from the shallows

but can this sullen child,
as bound as the ox that i ride,
climb to the heart of the white wind, singing, high,
and blow
through my frozen eyes?

(found here)


Doc said...

...bought a new car a couple of years ago. came with satellite radio pre-installed, 3 mo trial. i went at it like a steelhead after a fly; never looked back.

virus of choice – XM Radio; variant – The Loft. latest street scag – rook.

it is sooooo choice.

John B. said...

Glad you like it, Doc.

Shearwater will be huge-ish, I suspect. They have that sort of sound that has a long shelf life.

Doc said...

what's incredibly sad is that - outside of places like austin, berkely or boulder - this doesn't get any play anywhere but sat-radio.

at least, not in KC...

what a wasteland.

John B. said...

Yessir, Doc. Same here, at least on analog (our NPR station has a good all-music digital service).

I do give thanks to the Internet for giving me the chance to hear about Shearwater, not to mention all sorts of other things (right now, for example, I'm listening to a song by a very good Malian singer whose albums I found and downloaded online. has been a real pleasure for me as well--check it out, especially if you listen to music while working on your computer.

It would seem to an ignoramus like me that KC is a big enough market that it could support a station whose programming strayed a bit from the Clear Channel playlists. Of course, I don't listen to radio to hear commercials or for the "radio personalities."