Sunday, March 15, 2009

A homage to Steve and Glenda Medlin's cattle

A warning sign marking a boundary of Area 51. Ponder its metaphysical implications a bit. Image found here.

The border of "Area 51", actually the border of the Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range, is marked, but these markings vary from one location to another. . . . The most critical part to civilian visitors, near Groom Lake Road and throughout Tikaboo Valley, has the poorest markings. This consists of orange metal fence posts, but no fence, spaced about 50 feet apart. (The reason there is no fence is because the local rancher has the right to let his cattle graze within the Nellis Range.) The posts are difficult to see in the daytime, and impossible to see at night.
--from the Sky Shadows Area 51 FAQ page
Blind to orange but possessors of Eyes-
Only secrets, of knowledge but no
wisdom, these cows boldly go where few
have gone before. Having no grammar
for their own world, much less that whose bourn
they cross, Groom Lake's salt-flat language stays
unspoken. The Government trusts them.

If they could tell us what they've seen, then
they'd have to kill us. But the Medlins
ship them to slaughter, thence to our plates.

Some of us have consumed steak secrets.

Spring break has arrived, the Mrs. continues to improve, and I have my head enough above water so that I'm able to write bad poetry. My gain, my reader's loss. (If anyone is interested, by the way, this got started by way of hearing an interview on NPR with Trevor Paglin and some subsequent rereading about Area 51.)

The Mrs. and I will be hanging out for a few days, but my hope is that "regular" blogging will resume shortly. Thanks, again, for the kind wishes and for dropping off virtual casseroles. They have sustained me much more than I can adequately convey to you.


Doc said...

...glad things are better for you two. don't rush back to "real" blogging; we're all just hanging out.

no, seriously, really - the bad poetry isn't necessary.


; ' )

(reminds me of that old saw that ends up "...crossing state lions for immortal porpoises)

Sheila Ryan said...

Difficult to see in the daytime, and impossible to see at night.

That poses a dilemma, does it not?

Speaking of dire warnings, did you chance to see this post on clusterflock -- ?

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I proceed at my own risk, mindful of the possibility of property damage, personal injury, and DEATH."


I hope you will be back with us like a regular fellow soon, and I am happy to hear that Mrs Meridian and you are mo' better.

R. Sherman said...

Cool that things are going well, or at least improving.

(Or let's face it. This could've all been an elaborate ruse to disguise your absence during the NCAA tourney, non?

Cordelia said...

Ha, har, har: "Steak secrets." You might enjoy the site I was talking about on Friday: http://phenomenalfield.
I'm so glad you both seem to be doing better. Take it easy, enjoy your break. Continued best wishes to you both for more and even better days to come.

Anonymous said...

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