Thursday, April 09, 2009

On an occasional little-known but significant advantage of being Greek Orthodox

As taught me by a colleague who, being Greek Orthodox, should know:

"This year, we get cheap Peeps."


Sheila Ryan said...

Cheap Peeps, but stale Peeps. The distinction, I admit, is subtle.

John B. said...

Hey there, Sheila.

Yes, indeed. My colleague, though, loves Peeps for reasons, I would assume, apart from her Greek Orthodoxy. Perhaps for her, what we perceive as staleness she perceives as not a bug but a feature. So, cheap Peeps is, like, "Bonus!"

This kind of reminds me of an exchange I had a while back with a local blogger who is a rabbi. I'd apologized for not having posted in a while; he'd chastised me; I said it's all that guilt arising from Original Sin. He said, by way of reply, "Oh: I wouldn't know anything about that . . . "