Sunday, June 06, 2010


A map of my life since I last posted? No--rather, via Matthew Yglesias, a "NOAA image showing the course of the past 100 years’ worth of hurricanes through the Gulf." Given that the central Gulf is well overdue even for a tropical depression to come ashore, let alone a hurricane, this will be an especially tense hurricane season.

I am just filled with happy thoughts.

Anyone around still?

I think I will be able to resume more-or-less regular blogging here, now that summer is here and I have decompressed enough from the spring to have room in my head for the occasional post here.

I won't dwell too much here on the past two months except to say that they were difficult: the combination of an increased teaching load and the Mrs.' continuing health issues left me distracted and drained. Her health is still very much a concern, but school, for the summer, won't be the time-suck away it was. I have one class to teach; it starts day after tomorrow. I'll get to ride my bike to work, something my teaching schedule this spring didn't permit me to do. I'll have time to rouse my scholarly work from its slumber. And there's that back-log of promised posts to get to.

So. It feels good to have the sense that I have a little time and energy to do this.



Kári said...

Good to have you back, John. I've been trying to breathe some life into my blog again of late. Hopefully it'll work this time.

See you around.


Russell Arben Fox said...

Best wishes in getting your blogging energy back, and keeping it around! Let me know if you ever want to do something around town; I have some thoughts about involving the Delano people in a class I'll be teaching in the fall that I need to bump off you.

René López Villamar said...

Best wishes for you and your wife, John.

R. Sherman said...


Stressful spring sounds familiar as the EMBLOS had one with her classes, too.

Good thoughts for Mrs. Meridian, and I look forward to your musings.


Nick said...

The nice things about the innerTubez are a) it will be just as you left it and b) there will ALWAYS be someone wrong on it...

; ' )

Take care of the Mrs., but good to see you back.

Pam said...

Nice to see you back.