Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome, students!

A new semester, a new group of curious students possibly visiting . . .

To those of you I've met in class this week, welcome to my humble blog. In the more than 6 years of its existence, I've posted on all sorts of things; if you're curious, have a look at the section titled "Assemblages" on the right-hand side, where I've put links to posts that are more memorable than others. Your mileage may vary, of course.

(Note to self: those lists need some updating)

I'm not shooting for perfection in this space. Here, I try out ideas that interest me and I care about, and try to have a little fun in the process. Also, I've been most fortunate to have some long-time thoughtful regular visitors who leave thoughtful comments and thus keep me on my toes. You're more than welcome to add your voice here, too.

It's an honor to be your teacher this semester. I'll do my best to do right by you.

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